Unofficial biography

Holly is a humor writer based in Decatur, Georgia. Her work has appeared in the slush piles of various elite publications and several now-deleted blogs. She is the author of two half-finished novels and a crypt of untouched stand-up jokes from 2012 that may only be opened over her dead body. 

Holly is an identical twin, a skilled Tarot card reader, and a former high school mascot. She has a master’s degree in Natural Resource Management, which is extremely distressing, so she got a master’s in counseling, which is also very helpful for dealing with rejection letters. If by MFA you mean “mildly foreign affect,” then yes, she has one. 

In her free time, Holly enjoys repeating the same five Ukrainian lessons on Duolingo, following her favorite quail breeders on Instagram, and cutting up magazines into cheerful collages that look like ransom notes from her subconscious. She loves the idea of hiking.

Holly lives with her husband, son, and six pet dart frogs who like to sing along to the TV. The frogs were bred in captivity and are non-toxic. 

Or are they?